Your ImaGem Grading Certificate has been created using state of the art and patented gem grading technology by ImaGem Inc.
Most grading reports are based on subjective assessment i.e. opinion of color, clarity and fluorescence. ImaGem’s Grading Certificate is based on measurements of color, clarity, fluorescence, light behavior and other properties of a gemstone.
The key difference between most reports and ImaGem’s Grading Certificate is that reports are subjective and ImaGem’s Grading Certificate is based on measurements.
Color, fluorescence and clarity in gemstones are subtle. It is difficult to consistently and accurately grade the subtle differences subjectively. With direct measurement of these characteristics using ImaGem’s patented technology, we have created a Gem Grading Certificate that is based on objective assessment of the gemstone.
In this certificate, we have added direct measurement of light behavior which is key to buying a beautiful gemstone. Our measurements of light behavior: brilliance, sparkle, intensity and light behavior grade, represent aspects of a gemstone that are easy to see and are used in buying a beautiful gemstone.
PGGL and ImaGem Inc. guarantee* the grading included in this Certificate.

PGGL’s mission is to educate the consumer and provide accurate and reliable gem grading and appraisals supported with scientific measurements.