Precision in Diamond Grading and its impact on your Diamond’s value

by Dr. Lalit K. Aggarwal

Diamonds are rare and their market value depends on their weight and quality. Light performance of a diamond, color, and lack of inclusions and flaws are all important to the valuation and enjoyment of this precious stone.

How accurately these characteristics are measured determines the level of grading precision. In order for grading to be precise it must be accurate and repeatable.

Consider the fact that an error of just one grade in measuring the light performance, or color, or clarity of a diamond can change the value of a diamond anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Diamond grading laboratories operate independently of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers and are intended to provide unbiased and accurate assessment of the characteristics of a diamond.

If the description of a diamond is precise, the basis for fixing the value is more reliable. If the description, however, is not accurate, the value cannot be estimated properly. Grading precision therefore is important to everyone in the jewelry business.

A diamond grading laboratory must have trained staff, highest quality operational standards and tools to deliver precision grading reports. Technological advances are continuing to offer high precision tools for measurements of the characteristics of a diamond. These new developments have significantly improved precision by replacing human judgment with reliable tools.
Before using the services of a diamond grading laboratory, research the level of precision that a lab will guarantee as well as find out what new tools and technology they are using to improve precision of grading.

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