ImaGem-Secure Fingerprinting Certificate is a digital fingerprint of your diamond, securely stored in ImaGem’s database. This service offers trade and consumers an advanced method for recognizing a stone without incurring the cost of laser engraving and marking the stone which can effect its value. This method is non invasive and does not affect the diamond’s physical characteristics.

The fingerprinting process involves two steps – registration of a diamond and verification to confirm its identity. PGGL uses ImaGem’s patented direct measurement technology and special imaging techniques to record a diamond’s identity and save it to a database for future verification.


  • Peace of mind for consumers and retailers
  • Non invasive method to capture a diamond’s identity
  • Scan and create a unique identity for a diamond in under a minute, without inscription
  • Unique identifier can be used to verify a stone’s identity or to issue Registration certificates.
  • Verify stone’s identity during internet sales or returns