Moissanites have become an increasingly popular choice for environment and budget conscious millennials. According to a 2021 market research study, the global moissanite market is valued at nearly USD 30 million and is expected to reach USD 50 million in the next 5 years.

With better and higher quality moissanites being introduced in the market, the need for third party certification of moissanites has gone up significantly. This is where PGGL’s Moissanite Grading service comes in!

PGGL is a third party gem lab that specializes in certification services of natural and lab grown diamonds, moissanites and other gems. It offers a variety of moissanite grading services to retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers as well as consumers.

Currently our moissanite grading service is used by leaders in the moissanite gem market, as well as reputable wholesalers and ecommerce retailers specialize in selling moissanites.

For high volume clients, PGGL offers standard as well as customized certificates for large volume customers.

See samples of Moissanite Grading Certificates below: